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We Pour Life Into Your Vision.Since opening in 1987, Heartland Art Bronze has established itself as one of the finest full service art foundries in the Midwest. Heartland has cast monuments for cities in both America and Europe, these sculptures having ranged in height from six to ten feet. More common than these monumental works are the smaller pieces that sculptors bring into the foundry daily. Taking into consideration the unique style and size of each work, every sculpture is given our technicians' undivided attention to detail throughout the foundry process. With over sixty years of combined experience, the staff at Heartland ensure that each sculpture represents the artist's original vision.

The consistent quality of Heartland's sculpture is due not only to our technicians' experience but also the fact that every step of the process is executed by artisans who have a true appreciation of the artist's integrity. Heartland's staff utilizes the ancient tradition of green sand molding and the current methods of ceramic shell, chasing, and patination to deliver a stunning work on time. In the final stage, every piece is approved by the foundry owner, Alan Webster, who has been producing bronze sculpture since 1979. He is committed to seeing that each client and their work receive the personalized attention they deserve.

Works cast at Heartland Art Bronze are selling through galleries in Aspen, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas City, and Maebashi, Japan. Among the clients who have commissioned work are Kansas City Expo 1992 for the World's Fair in Seville, Spain, General Electric Aircraft Engines, the University of Oregon, the American Cancer Society, Florida State University, the Ohio State House, and the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

Heartland Art Bronze is happy to accept work in any form, whether in clay, mold, or wax, and to complete the work with the highest level of artistry. For more information please contact:

Heartland Art Bronze Inc.
11628 254th Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044-7331
Phone # 785-842-3626
Fax # 785-842-7011


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