This beautifully posed torso delights the eye with its shimmering metallic sapphire finish. For this artwork we created a plaster positive from Susie's bodymold, and polished it in a painstaking process to support a lustrous finish with highlights and shadows that change as the light and vantage point move. It makes a lovely wall hanging, and is available in other colors to suit different environments.

Available in a limited edition of 25 pieces, in cast gysum with metallic finish ($837) or foundry-cast bronze ($1610). Foundry-cast bronze piece will weigh approximately 50 lbs., requiring a base or a sturdy wall for display. For special presentations, the model (Susie) is available for personal delivery of this artwork — please send details, location and desired date for a price quote.



Additional images — click thumbnails to enlarge

Alginate coat

Plaster coat

Susie with finished bodymold

Plaster positive

Preparing positive for master mold

Rubber coat

Mother mold

Casting a bonded bronze copy

Metallic bronze finish

Just for fun — Susie in candy red!

Fuscia, anyone?


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