Lovely torso, highlighted by a textured sculptor's finish. Available in cast gypsum with bronze metallic finish resin ($837) or foundry-cast bronze ($1610). Foundry-cast bronze piece will weigh approximately 55 lbs., requiring a base or a sturdy wall for display.

Limited edition of 25 pieces. For special presentations, the model (Cara) is available for personal delivery of this artwork — please send details, location and desired date for a price quote.



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Work photo from posing session

Plaster coat with help from a friend

Cara checks out alginate bodymold

Wax positive from bodymold

Preparing positive for rubber coats

Rubber coat

Final rubber coat with pins for shims

Rigid mothermold half-done

Completed mothermold

Inside of mothermold

Completed mastermold

Inside view of mastermold

Creating a resin casting

De-molding the resin casting

Cara with raw casting

Cara with finished sculpture


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