Seashell by the Bay

A "sea nymph" rises out of the water with a shell and listens serenely. The model for this portrait is a seashell lover, posing with a favorite shell. This artwork features a striking cut-away pose floating on one elbow, adding to its serene feel.

The piece shown in photos is cold-cast bronze with patina, on wood base with black finish. Available in a limited edition of 25 pieces, in bonded bronze ($525) or foundry-cast bronze ($1540) plus base ($75). For special presentations, the model is available for personal delivery of this artwork — please send details, location and desired date for a price quote.



Additional images — click thumbnails to enlarge

Applying alginate

Applying fiber to alginate

Applying plaster gauze

Bodymold ready to remove

Releasing bodymold

Bodymold comes off

Admiring the new mold

Wax positive cleaned up, hair added, ready for rubber application

Completed rubber master mold cavity

The model gets to start the first casting


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