At the age of nine — after seeing a TV show about beatniks — Alan Webster proudly announced to his father "When I grow up, I'm going to be a beatnik artist". He then received his first lecture on getting an education and not becoming a lazy bum upon reaching adulthood. Alan has succeeded in his life long quest of being an artist, and no one has yet called him a lazy bum — at least not to his face!

In high school art class Alan focused on jewelry making and bronze casting, which lead to majoring in silversmithing, sculpture and ceramics in college. It was while studying sculpture that he was introduced to mold making. After graduating with a BFA in design, Alan went into business as a studio potter for ten years and also worked in a sculpture foundry for seven. He then started Heartland Art Bronze, a successful art foundry which he operated for 17 years before selling in 2003. Since then he has focused on making sculpture molds, doing business as Sidekicks Precision Molds.

Alan likes to describe lifecasting as "three-dimensional photography." His partnership in ELS is part of a natural progression, combining his remarkable talents and skills as a sculptor, photographer and master mold maker.

Doug DuBois has relentlessly pursued creative projects since he was 5 years old, when he was inspired to build a wooden Batcopter in his father's workshop after watching a Batman episode. This turned out to be auspicious event, as it marked the beginning of not only a lifelong career in various creative shops, but also a lifelong passion for aviation. Building and flying radio-controlled airplanes as a teen turned into building and flying full-size aircraft as an adult. He also began building stringed musical instruments in his teens. Doug's self-learned design and fabrication skills led him to careers in industrial design, engineering and manufacturing, with highlights in the aerospace, pipe organ and pharmaceutical industries. He is considered a master craftsman by his peers and former employers.

Doug is inspired by the beauty of the human body, and is pleased to be engaged in a process that artistically captures its sensual shapes and forms. His eye for detail and practical experiences in a wide range of creative disciplines provide a nice complement to Alan's extensive sculptural background.

Doug's web site is based on his personal propensity for committing aviation. He notes that lifecasting provides another way to "question gravity," and encourages everyone to preserve their form in a lifecast before gravity begins to have its way with it!

Laura Ramberg is a well-known Lawrence-area sculptor and art teacher. She is also the mother of five and a midwife, making her imminently qualified to assist with the creation of a pregnancy casting or "belly mask." She is also available to help custom-decorate your lifecasting or belly mask in a creative manner. We are happy to make Laura available for any clients who would be more comfortable having a female artist during their bodymolding session.

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