Essensual Life Sculpture is a full-service lifecasting studio based in Lawrence, Kansas. Our specialty is creating studio-quality sculptures from molds we take directly off the human body. In this fun and collaborative process — also known as bodymolding or lifemolding — creativity is our only limit. Any area of the body can be artistically posed and lifecast, creating an heirloom quality sculpture that will be treasured and handed down for years to come.

Lifecasting is the perfect way to memorialize a significant era, activity or event in one's life. A birth, a loved one, a commitment, a hobby, an achievement, a grandchild, an anniversary, a group family portrait, or just sensual beauty captured in the moment... All are topics that can be posed, sculpted and savored through the lifecasting process. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a loved one — especially one who "already has it all" — they probably don't have this!

Lifecast artists Alan Webster and Doug DuBois work with their models in a safe, relaxed and collaborative environment. We are committed to your comfort and to a finished work you will be proud of. Please enjoy this site, and feel free to contact the artists with any questions.

Member — Association of Lifecasters International

About nudity in art

We all co-create the mores of the society we live in. By your beliefs and actions, do you choose a society that sees the naked body as natural, healthy and beautiful, or one that regards it an obscenity or an object of shame?

We believe that the nude body is as natural as one's first breath, and as profoundly beautiful as anything in nature. It is something to be celebrated, revered and enjoyed as part of a healthy life and spirit. To us, the real obscenity is the fear and banishment of the natural human form that is fostered by some elements of our society.

The human body is beautiful!

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